Saturday, May 4, 2013

Winter 2013

My sweet little cowboy, Jaron!
Here's Elijah eating a muffin for breakfast in his Superman PJs.  I know that seems like a silly thing to post about, but he is so cute!!  I can't help it!

 Cary volunteered to help Jaron's class "catch the gingerbread man" who escaped from the classroom oven.  He (the gingerbread man) left notes...

Here's "Gingie!"  After the scavenger hunt Cary led the kids on....Gingie was finally located inside their classroom!
Then the kids got to decorate gingerbread houses....
 Everyone was so impressed with Jaron's (especially his teacher Ms. Hicks), because he made it look like a real log cabin made of pretzels.
They also decorated gingerbread men.  This all went along with their study of the Scandinavian countries.
This winter Jaron really wanted to "help people that don't have very much stuff."  So we went to the store and he created these "Blessing Bags" to hand out to people on the street.  He filled them with toothpaste, a toothbrush, granola bars, socks, hand sanitizer, and a few other things.  I was so proud of him for his heart for these people.  It really challenged me as a mom to fulfill a heart-felt request of his that was meant to help others...this was a lot of work!  But so fun to see Jaron and Elijah and how proud they were to hand them out when we saw people who needed them.
Here are a few pictures of Jaron's class play about "Hedgie the Hedgehog."  Jaron played the part of Hedgie.

The kindergarten kids celebrated the Chinese New Year with costumes and a parade!

And of course....Ninja gingerbread cookies (called Ninjabreadmen).
He shared one with Elijah...yay!
Here are 3 pictures from when we went to the zoo.  If you are wondering why we went to the zoo so much this year, it is because we got a membership, and we are trying to use it a LOT.  The first picture is of Jaron with his favorite goat, Chester.  He has practically adopted Chester, and we have to visit him every time we go to the zoo.  He loves to feed him and pet him.
 Also Jaron let this bird perch on his coat!
 Here's Elijah riding a horse!
Here is a picture of Elijah right after he had a stitch removed from his lip.  Just 1 stitch.  He fell on the playground and had to get a stitch in his lip for 3 days.  He was SO brave getting the stitch put in!  We were so proud of him!!!
Here are some great pictures from Valentine's Day!  Mimi gave the boys their own little Russell Stover chocolate boxes!
Here are the Valentines that Jaron and I made for his kindergarten class...they are robot juice boxes with candy, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners for the idea from Pinterest that was so much fun for us to make together!  The kids loved them!
Elijah gave out Kool Aid drinks to his class with a note attached saying "You are totally Kool, Valentine!"
Elijah and Jaron got these little guys for Valentine's Day...they are named "Cookie" and "King," and they were very much sought-after from the bookstore they go to every Sunday afternoon.  
Here's Jordan with a box full of candy and a Valentine card from Jaron!
Jaron gave his teacher a Peppermint Patty Coffee creamer with a York Peppermint Patty that said "You were "MINT" to be my teacher!"  

Jordan's one request for Valentine's Day was banana pudding.  It was delicious and enjoyed by all!
Here are some pictures of Elijah in his classroom for their Valentine's Party!
Here is Elijah with his sweet teacher, Ms. Shelley.
Elijah with his friends...Jax, Abby and Brooke.
Jaron giving Daddy some Valentine snuggles!
We took a really fun trip over Presidents' Day to GlenRose and Granbury Texas.  We got to explore at a super-fun place called "Big Rocks Park."  Jordan got to bring his friend Jack.  We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express (the boys love hotels- especially the hot breakfast in the morning!).  And we even found a small beach to play at!  It was warm enough to enjoy the beach, even in February.  Jaron and Elijah had so much fun digging in the sand with their toy duckies.  :)  Oh, and we had to stop by "Dinosaur World," a park where you can see over 100 life-size dinosaur sculptures.  It was cool and the little boys especially loved that!

Elijah getting his haircut.
 Almost every day after school, the boys from Jaron's kindergarten class (and Elijah) play on the school playground.  Here is a cute picture of the boys pushing my two boys on the swings after school.
 Brotherly love!
 Jaron's Presidents' Day Hat- he had Kool Aid for his drink that day as a special treat...can you tell?
 Saturdays are often soccer game days for Jordan, and many times Jaron and Cary go together while Elijah stays at home with me for naptime.  Here is Jaron watching the game, eating the rest of his Chick fil a sandwich.  He loves watching Jordan play!!
 My Dad and I took the boys to Chuck E Cheese to play one night when Cary was out of town.  They love that place.

Here are Jaron and Elijah doing a craft, something they are wanting to do more and more these days.  They enjoyed painting these cute birdhouses!
One day Jaron came home sick from school.  After I picked him up, we came home and he certainly felt well enough to eat this "pizza lunchable" I got for him!
Eating the dinosaur cookies we made with our dinosaur cookie cutters...
 This was really fun: Elijah's friend Jax is half Chinese and he and his mom took us to eat Dim Sum for lunch one day.  It was something totally different for both Elijah and I, but we LOVED it!  And I was so proud of Elijah for trying something new!  He especially loved the Chinese meatballs and the BBQ pork dumplings that they called, "bau bau."  It was all SO delicious!  We can't wait to go back!